Tooth Sensitivity

The exposed inner layer of the tooth, underneath the enamel, causes tooth sensitivity. Healthy teeth and gums cover this area. Sensitivity becomes an issue when the protective layer of enamel is lost or the gums recede. Reasons teeth may be sensitive are:

• Gingival recession
• Acidic liquids that erode the tooth enamel
• Temporary sensitivity after teeth whitening treatments
• Dental decay
• Grinding or Bruxism
• Brushing to hard or with a toothbrush that has hard bristles
• Gum disease
• New dental filling
• Natural gum recession with age

Fortunately there are a variety of treatment options for individuals who suffer from tooth sensitivity. First there is desensitizing toothpaste. These contain chemicals that effectively block the pain from being felt. These do not cure the problem though, only treat the symptom. Luckily Sims Dental Clinic has many in-office treatments available. From fluoride gels and special desensitizing agents to sealants, guards and filling replacements, they can address the problem in a number of ways.

Grafting of the gums may also help if the cause of the sensitivity is gingival recession. If all else fails a root canal can be performed, removing the part of the tooth that feels any sensation. This is a last resort but a guaranteed solution. For more information on tooth sensitivity and how it can be reduced, please call Sims Dental Clinic today.